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Like I said in yesterdays mini-post, today is a collab with two of my blogger friends, Bobo from Meetmeinmelford and Lily from Lilyblogsalot. Bobo is doing a very interesting Record Clock DIY and Lily is doing a  so don't forget to check them out. All the links will be at the bottom of the page!

I am doing a post on blog photography to continue with the How to run a blog series. I think that photos are a big part of a blog and one of my resolutions was to use more which hasn't worked. Firstly though, I am not a professional blogger and the tips I am going to be talking about are things that have worked for me.
The Equipment
I take my photos either on my camera which is a Nikon Coolpix S6300(which isn't a DSLR) or my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini . The quality is pretty good and I am happy with the photos I produce with them so I would definitely recommend them. This is all the equipment I use but I know that some people use a lot more and have lights and stuff. 

Setting Up 
If I am taking a picture of a product I tend to take the photos between 10am and 2pm because that is when I find there is the best light.  I will then put them in the place of the room with the most light which is near my window.Normally,I will lay it out on a top /scarf to give the background a little bit more detail but obviously this is totally optional. 

Taking the photo
After setting up, I will move the products around and take photos from different angles. I roughly take around 5-10 photos and later delete the bad ones. A tip that I have only learnt recently is to leave your "photoshoot" set-up until you go to write the post because you may find that the pictures look bad.

Sometimes, blog pictures aren't of products and they are of nature or things you see when you are out. My photo taking process is roughly the same but I use my judgement of what I think looks good a lot more. 

Editing + Posting
I don't usually edit my photos but if I do, I use picmonkey or the Instagram Editor. Both are completely free which is always good! I post my photos on Instagram (link in sidebar) and they are scrolling along the top of my blog now actually but a lot of them also go on here.

This was such a long post which I kinda liked but there are some things that I missed off. If you need any more advice comment below, DM me or I have a bloglovin' photography collection which I will link. 


If you have any other tips leave them in the comments!

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. I never thought if putting it on top of clothes may do that! This post is so good


    White-interiors.blogspot. com

  2. An added tip, if you have a camera that allows you to change the light settings and things, I find it sometimes really useful to do so before taking the photo, especially to add more exposure to my photos!

  3. Wish I'd read this post a year ago haha! My initial photos wer absolute fails!xx

    Check out my recent?:)

  4. Picmonkey is a good edito but I use fotor and it is so good!

  5. Love this post, I agree with the things you have talked about xx

  6. Great post, my sister and I both love picmonkey too!

  7. Loved this post, I love PicMonkey for editing my photos and banners!
    Grace xx

  8. Loved this. Thanks for collabing💛

  9. Loved the tips,going to try the clothes one in the future! x

  10. This was so interesting! I actually hadn't thought about putting more pictures in my blog, although I really like taking them! I might in the future ^^ Thanks for your advice! | Acqua xx

  11. Great tips, they really do come in handy! Love your blog, mine is
    -Morgan xx

  12. Lovely tips! I will definitely try them out <3 I'm glad it isn't just me who takes loads of photos of the same thing! I think one day, I took around 200!

    Charlotte <3

  13. Great tips!! thanks for the helpful post. But i think photos should be edited from any online photo editing company. Because there are a lot online photo editing company on line which provides photo editing service 24 hour.


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